On-Site Assessments

A site assessment can be performed for local Rockhampton cafes and restaurants and a report generated on findings and recommendations on how to improve services and increase revenue. Areas to be assessed will be –

  • Customer Service
  • Food and Beverage Costings
  • Menu prices and Selections
  • Function Area Use (if applicable)
  • Staff and Training
  • Kitchen Cleanliness and Storage of Food
  • Cleanliness of Front Area
  • Food Suppliers and Costs
  • Meet’n’Greet Operation
  • Budget
  • Forward Planning for Next 12 Months
  • Other Issues Which May Need Addressing According to Specific Venues

Once completed, this report will be made available and costing will be on a “case-by’case” basis according to size of venue, amount of work required and other things which may arise.

If you wish to make an appointment for an assessment, please contact me on marie@gilliganconsultancy.com.

Thank you and I look forward to increasing your “bums on seats” and revenue.

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