Conference Facilities – 5 Pro-Tips For Your Perfect Meeting Venue

Conference Facilities – 5 Pro-Tips For Your Perfect Meeting Venue
By []Neil Tufano

Businesses like yours understand the value of getting off-site for important meetings. Whether it’s a small strategy meeting or your annual sales conference, getting away from the office is perfect for planning and rewarding successful business. The right conference hotel can make or break your meeting; here are five tips to help you find the perfect conference facilities near Bristol, England.

  1. Make sure there’s a good choice of conference rooms

A one-on-one appraisal requires different facilities to your annual sales conference. That’s why you should expect a truly business-focused hotel to offer a range of differently sized conference rooms. Ask if it can match your needs with a selection of large and small rooms – or meet your needs for the latest business technology such as broadband Internet access.

  1. Choose somewhere with catering and overnight accommodation

A light snack, client hospitality or full catering for an awards event? Your chosen conference hotel should offer a selection of catering. And if your meeting runs for several days, what could be more convenient than a great selection of comfortable rooms with Internet access.

  1. Choose a peaceful location for business creativity

Some of the best business ideas come when you relax: in the shower, driving or while taking time out to wander the grounds of a lovely rural conference venue. And when you get down to business, when it’s time for serious talking, who wants to be distracted by city center hustle and bustle?

  1. Avoid car parking costs

Running your business meeting involves enough cost without having to plan for hidden or extortionate car parking charges. And nothings worse than delegates being delayed because they can’t find somewhere to leave the car! That’s why it’s vital to make sure your selected conference venue offers plenty of secure free on-site parking.

  1. Select a venue near an airport for your long-distance delegates

If you do national or international business, many of your delegates will be traveling by air. That’s when it makes sense to choose hotel conference facilities close to an international airport. For instance, anyone doing business in South West England is fortunate because of the perfect location of Bristol International Airport – well supported by great conference facilities for the Bristol area.

Experienced business people don’t push the choice of venue to the bottom of their to-do list. A carefully selected venue is a prerequisite for a successful conference, so follow these simple tips to get your conference off to a great start.

The []Winford Manor Hotel is an ideal choice for businesses seeking top quality conference facilities near Bristol, England. For large and small conferences, a peaceful location, seven acres of distraction-free parkland and plenty of secure car parking mean the Winford Manor stands out. What’s more, it’s a conveniently located []conference hotel close to Bristol airport – just 1.5 miles away with our free executive transfer.

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