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This website has been created to help people, just like yourself, to make a difference in their lives, by making a positive change for the better, whether that be in your current career, your health or if you’re looking for more freedom and a better lifestyle.,

I am currently running 2 Online Programs, one entitled “How I Survived My Breast Cancer Diagnosis” which helps women with a step-by-step program over a 4 week period and includes advice from my experience with being diagnosed, videos from survivors, what to do about your job, coping at home, telling your family and friends and so much more with lots heaps of tips, tricks and bonuses on how to get through that initial period after just being told the news (from someone who has been through it all)!!Just click below for details of what is included in my program.

I am also the Franchisee with a Digital Marketing Agency called PinPoint Local Central Qld which involves looking after businesses in the Central Queensland area to bring all their digital assets up to date and to help them gain more local business through digital marketing. I am currently running an “Over 50% off” SALE which I have just EXTENDED until 31 December 2019.

And some other news – I have just released Online Program, which is called “Managing Menopause” which I am hoping will give a massive relief to a lot of women suffering badly from this and I know there are a lot of you out there who are struggling. If you wish to check out all the details, please CLICK HERE and you will be directed to the appropriate page.

I also have an online course called “Master the Sales Disaster” which helps Hotel Conference Sales Managers to gain the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience to master and grow in their role, and increase the revenue of their Department in a significant way month after month. No more trying to explain to the boss why the conference rooms are empty – sounds good, doesn’t it? Just click on the “Master the Sales Disaster” image to find out a bit more and check out what’s included in my program.

BUT THE REALLY BIG NEWS is I HAVE JUST RELEASED a brand new “for Australian Women Only” Membership website, which deals with women’s issues (and there are a lot) from Diet and Nutrition to Fitness and Wellness and many, many more!! The website is called “Healthy Women’s Alliance” and can be found at https://healthywomensalliance.com. This website contains over 150 articles, e-books, articles and videos and also 2 x online programs, especially for women. Please go to the “All Services” page on this site to enter into the competition to win an annual subscription – DON’T MISS OUT!!


Or you may be looking for a lifestyle which gives you the freedom you have only dreamed about to this point in your life. If so, checkout my TAB for “Lifestyle Opportunities” for some online money-making opportunities which may suit you if you’re looking to quit the 9-5 rat race!

If you would like to have a chat with me about anything on this website, please either fill out the schedule to the right and book in a day and time with your details and I will call you to discuss your needs, or email me on marie@gilliganconsultancy.com with your details and I will reply to you as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to being of service – enjoy my site!!